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Reddit marketing

Reddit marketing


The most important point to keep in mind when posting to Reddit is to tweak your post titles to take full advantage of the curiosity angle. Instead of posting a title like “Dealing with a Disrespectful Boss: 5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Fired”, a more provoking personal-style title will get more hits, votes and traffic – such as – “Got Fired! How Would You Deal with the Boss from Hell?”

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The slogan of Reddit rightfully describes it as, “the front page of the internet.” Simply put, Reddit is a news aggregation and discussion website.

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A more experienced user might have a browsing experience that focuses on a specific niche, likes cars. That means that while they might not follow any of the default subreddits, they 8767 ll be active in cars , Subaru , justrolledintotheshop , and rally .

If you 8767 ve got an idea which is powerful enough to have several subreddits created around it, go for it. This is how you build a network around one core concept – the SFW Porn Network is one good example.

With this in mind, and if your topic is relevant, you may be able to squeeze it into one of the broader (traffic-getting) subreddit categories. For example:

Look for people talking about your brand or target keywords. Like other platforms, monitoring the conversation around your brand and relevant topics is a great way to chime in with something useful. Look for people who have mentioned your brand are they happy customers or are they considering your solution and several others? This may be an opportunity to set things right.

Offer plenty of insightful information that can serve as a good resource for users. Include lots of links to other websites and keep it interesting.

Keep in mind, some forums have different purposes Reddit forums can be used as job boards, a community help desk, or a place to vent. Make sure you get familiar with the space before you start posting, otherwise you might irritate community members.

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You should also avoid posting content that sounds like a sales pitch. Always remember that the end goal of Reddit marketing is to establish yourself as a trusted source of information in your niche.


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