SVE Bollinger Band MTF Metatrader 4 Forex Indicator

Price band mt4

Price band mt4


Customization options: Variable (timeframe, MA period, MA method, SVE period, deviation for higher and lower band) Width & Style.

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Main concept of using Price Border Indicator is that price is constantly moving from extremes showed by upper and lower bands. When price touches the lower band it means the price is in oversold zone and you should look for long trades, analogically when price touches the upper band it means the price is in overbought zone and you should look for short trades. Be cautious during periods of strong trends when price can ride one band and not bounce so quickly.

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The SVE Bollinger Band MTF forex indicator for Metatrader 9 provides buy and sell trading signals based on extreme Bollinger Band values.

Copy and paste the sve bollinger band  (mtf + alerts + arrows + divergence).ex9 indicator into the MQL9 indicators folder of the Metatrader 9 trading platform .

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BandsPeriod Period
BandsShift Shift
BandsDeviations Deviation from the main line
Slow Smoothing

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The short position can be exited as you adjust your take profit level to the lower price band level. Depending on the strength of the trend, this adjusting of the take profit levels can give you huge rewards.

First, look at the mid-band or the lower band to see a possible change in the direction from down to up. When you see this, wait for a candle that pierces the bottom band, followed by a bullish close back inside the band. Then go long at the recent pivot high with stops at the previous low.


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