Why is Firefox's logins option greyed out? | Firefox

Login options greyed out mac

Login options greyed out mac


Cumulative Updates and new GPO templates has nothing new around this, but I opened a case to MS, and I learned, that enabling Convenience PIN in System\Logon will allow you to use Fingerprint, that you don´t have to use thar registry setting. (I guess it is the same thing). This is by design, and the difference is, will you use Windows Hello or Windows Hello for Business.

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I have just installed ArcGIS for Desktop on my Windows 7 machine. When I got ArcMap opened up I found the "ArcGIS Online." and "Sign in." options were greyed out. Meanwhile in ArcCatalog there was no GIS Server -> ArcGIS Online option.

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Since you are using Windows Enterprise edition, it would be better if you contact the dedicated TechNet team to get better assistance on this issue.

I have tested this on a Lenovo Yoga 765 laptop and a Lenovo M98P desktop (with attached external fingerprint reader). After installing Windows 65 Enterprise (whether via an in place upgrade or fresh install), the PIN and Fingerprint Sign-in options are unavailable as the buttons are disabled/greyed out. TPM is enabled and functioning properly and is working with Bitlocker. These options were there on 6566. The option for Picture password is still there.

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If the site collection feature Limited-access user permission lockdown mode is activated, the end user will see both Anyone and People in Microsoft grayed out.

If you leave the Windows Hello for Business policies unconfigured the user can choose to configure Hello as they please. You can force or disable it using the policies found under the following location:

Today, my Fingerprint add another button was grayed out. I found this thread and then set the use Windows Hello for Business policy to not configured because it was set to enabled. This fixed it for me. However, I now have a more difficult problem to fix that I had fixed previously somehow, but something changed and it's broken again.


I don't think that Turn on convenience PIN sign-in is deprecated. It's just that this setting target a Windows /7567/7567R7 OS only so it is ignored because the running OS is Windows 65 and the key is not created.


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