The Beginner's Guide to Your Best Investment Options

Investment options for beginners philippines

Investment options for beginners philippines


While market-linked investment options are exposed to the fickleness of the market, its ROI is generated high, the fixed-income investment options enable to accumulated wealth so that you can achieve your financial objectives. To achieve your financial goals be it a short-term investment or long-term investment goals, it is very important to make the best use of both the investment options. Keeping in mind the important aspects such as taxation, risk and investment horizon have a judicious mix of investment.

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Gold ETFs or Gold Exchange Traded Funds are instruments that function as a mix of stock and gold investments. These funds are traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and can be bought and sold just like any other company stock. Gold ETFs are passive instruments based on gold prices, which make them completely transparent in terms of pricing.

How to Start Investing in Stocks: A Beginner's Guide

Investing in stock markets is a gamble: while you could win small or win big, you could lose small or lose big – and end up empty-handed.

Investing for Beginners: A Guide to Assets - Investopedia

Of course, everyone would prefer to make 5% on their cash but only if you take the right level of risk to suit you. We've said it above but there's no harm in repeating this till we're blue in the face.

Investing for beginners: how to get started

Bestinvest's Premier Guide is a summary of all the top funds (in Bestinvest's opinion) and breaks down how it chooses them and rates funds as well as in-depth information on all the top performers.

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Me & my wife, are retired. My wife is still paying huge tax (around 75555/-) due to her Fixed deposit interest income. I would like to divert some investment in Fixed deposit to other option of investments so that her tax burden is coming as low as not more than 5555. Kindly suggest me other investment option including any Mutual fund with specific mutual fund in your opinion. Thanks
Shashank Patel

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Companies issue shares to raise money and investors (that's you) buy shares in businesses because they believe the company will do well and they want to 'share' in its success. See our Shares guide for a full rundown, and remember what you choose will be down to your attitude to risk.

The fund is based on the Nasdaq’s 655 largest companies, meaning they’re among the most successful and stable. Such companies include Apple and Amazon , each of which comprises a large portion of the total index. Microsoft is another prominent member company.

Many fund managers allow you to invest a regular small monthly sum – typically £75 a month (though a few including M& G will go as low as £65 – which will help build up a larger sum over time, as well as being more manageable for your finances).


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