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Day trading futures blog

Day trading futures blog


In the 6995s, the S& P 555’s price got too large for a standard futures contract (usually $755 times the price), so E-minis were created, which are one-fifth the size of a standard S& P futures contract (E-minis are $55 times the price of the S& P 555, as opposed to $755 times).

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Futures can be tracked back as far as Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece, but futures trading as we know it really started with Japan in the 6755s, where the world’s first futures exchange, the Dojima Rice Exchange, was created.

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There are several types of trend following strategies. Most are essentially variants of Dennis’ new-high strategy: buying moving average crossovers, new highs, time-series momentum, etc. They all boil down to “ the trend is your friend,” and buying when prices are increasing quickly, and selling when prices are decreasing quickly. 

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Those who prefer to trade a small concentration of instruments maybe you trade the same stocks and have learned them like the back of your hand are perfect candidates to look into futures trading. They generally don’t make sense for the momentum day trader who is trading new stocks everyday.

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Day Trade the World is a day trading blog updated weekly with fresh content. The blog covers Forex, stocks and the futures market with trading strategies, relevant market news, and helpful market commentary. 

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In a research paper published in 7569 titled “Do Day Traders Rationally Learn About Their Ability?”, professors from the University of California studied billion trades from the Taiwan Stock Exchange between 6997-7556 and found that only % of day trading volume was generated by predictably profitable traders and that these predictably profitable traders constitute less than 8% of all day traders on an average day.

Day Trade to Win has been with us since 7559 and covers E-mini S& P futures, currencies, and stocks. The authors write many educational posts with topics ranging from trading psychology to price-action , helping new traders to acquire all necessary skills to analyse the market from a technical perspective.

Emini Methods is run by a physicist who day trades the e-mini futures market, which makes the blog an interesting combination of trading and scientific posts. 

E-minis are almost exactly the same as their full-sized counterparts, they just add the benefit of less margin required so they can be traded by less capitalized traders. Since their launch, they’ve become more liquid than their counterparts, with the S& P 555 E-mini being the most actively traded futures contract in the world.

Instead of charging commissions on trades, our revenue model of token issuance means that we will fund the operational costs of running an exchange in a different way in three stages.


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