Binary options signals Telegram channels - % SCAM

Binary options telegram channels

Binary options telegram channels


Learning to read market conditions and charts. As we also offer the FREE Binary Options Course , it 8767 s up to you to learn and improve your skills for FREE.
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Binary Options Signals by Independent Binary Options

Work with 7 or 8 different brokers. Thus, you will be more likely to use all the signals and will be able to choose the one that is paying the best at that moment. This will increase your profits. Makes sense, right?


A ll binary options signals services don 8767 t work during risky news and regular events. Over 95% of all lost signals are issued that time! Always follow economic calendar!  Do not trade that time! 

Due to our policy, we do not recommend any broker!
You don 8767 t have any obligation to trade, open an account or deposit money to the specific broker.
You can trade with any you like!

On Chrome/Firefox and Opera Mobile browsers the standard browser 8767 s notification can be also used. In that case, you need to click the button 8775 Want to be notified 8776 on signals page and give us permission to send notifications.
After that, you will receive notifications on 8775 signal sent 8776 even if our website is closed. The standard browser notification works only when the page with signals is not active!
Remember! That feature is on testing mode.

Each signal shows the time of the server from which the signal is sent. Example (Time: 65:75).
This time is not important. The only thing you need to focus on is when the Signal arrives at Telegram. When it arrive, you need to check the current asset price and the price at which the signal came out (and all other checks, as explained in the video).
So, if you just saw a signal that has just arrived, showing Time: 65:75, but your LOCAL TIME is 67:75, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT.
What matters is to have the notifications turned on, to see each signal coming and then to analyze and place it, in case you decide to use it.

8 Olymp Trade This is one of the main platforms. The Fixed Time Trading system allows trading for 5 minutes, where you can use Telegram Signals. However, being a fixed expiration time, it may not have the same results as it would have with the two brokers above.

We send the signals in GMT/UTC timezone. If you don 8767 t know what is it Google it. The timezone is commonly used in trading and other important systems all over the world.

Symbol: Usually, the signals will be Forex pairs and at the end of each symbol there will be .cbo (that means they are binary signals). In the case of just one symbol, like this: AUDUSD would be a Forex signal. If (like on the image) it will be a Signals for Binary Options.

The information obtained on this website shall be used only in educational manner. To avoid potential risks option-signals recommends use all information only on a demo accounts.


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