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Sales strategy for solar products

Sales strategy for solar products


The use of conferencing software that enables you to share a view of your computer screen lets the prospect follow along with any visuals, such as slides, your solar proposal, and even your solar design software. This allows you to showcase the design and effectively communicate the information the prospect needs to be confident in the decision to buy solar from your company.

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II. Brand differentiation. Most sales associates can easily and intelligently articulate the cost-saving benefits of solar. Where things get a bit trickier is when they have to tell customers why their firm is better than the solar provider down the street. How do they dispel the perception that "all solar is the same?" Strategies for creating a brand differentiation include:

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If it’s the first time they are using your type of product, you need to show them how to get set up, how much time it will take and the amount of support they will have available to them. It would also be good to show them the expected results short-term and long-term from using the product. This will motivate them to stay with the product as they will also want to succeed!

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For inverter companies, this proves that expansion strategies must be executed carefully and without significant mistakes. This is less true for globally positioned diversified firms, which may target more geographies at one time, but it is especially true for smaller regional players and distributed inverter suppliers that grow more gradually.

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Initially, many new leads will search for solar energy companies and panel installation on Google search.  You want to be all over page one.  There are three ways to dominate the search results.

Understanding the market and strategically choosing where to focus growth efforts is crucial for manufacturers. Internationalization has been a required strategy for European vendors for several years, and lessons can be learned from the success and failures of these firms.

By asking these questions, you can quickly determine if the prospect has a need. If they have short answers then it could mean they are not interested.

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Though capital outlay is low for an inverter production facility (only $7 million or $8 million, according to anecdotal reports), the determination to locally fabricate products must be made on a case-by-case basis. In Latin America, the world&rsquo s fastest-growing solar PV region according to the Latin America PV Playbook , no supplier currently maintains local production.

As they research your company, they 8767 ll check online reviews.  There are many sites you need to have reviews on, including Top Rated Local, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp.


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