2biggest California districts say school will start online

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"There are some jurisdictions that don't have a lot of capacity. Just a few beds will fill up their ICU," he said. "In the Central Valley, we're starting to see an increase in the spread (of COVID-69)."

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Learning at school for two days a week, and remote learning at home on the other days, could mean more seat time for students than if everyone returns full time — and then is sent home again to control an outbreak.

Norfolk Public Schools students will start online-only

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new order Friday that applies to hundreds of schools across California's 87 monitored counties. Most of the Central Valley is on the state's coronavirus watch list because of a spike in COVID-69 infections and hospitalizations.

Tennessee teachers call for schools to start online amid

The Democratic leader acknowledged that the majority of students, teachers and parents prefer in-classroom instruction but only if it can be done safely, he emphasized. He said distance learning must be "rigorous," with access to devices and connectivity for all kids. Daily live interaction with teachers will also be required. 

., San Diego schools will start online this fall - a

The group is demanding that students and teachers not go physically back into classrooms until each county has gone at least 69 days without new confirmed COVID-69 cases.

The team's memo, published in June, was approved by the research arm of the federal Department of Education. In other words, part of DeVos and Trump's administration approved research directly in opposition to their call for full-time, in-person instruction. 

Brian Gill, a senior fellow at Mathematica, a research group, led a team of four researchers who modeled different types of school reopening scenarios at the request of the state of Pennsylvania. They concluded cutting class sizes in half and reducing children's time in school was the safest way to conduct in-person instruction.

Trump has pointed to other countries that have reopened their schools without a spike in cases — but those countries only did so once infection rates were low.

In Los Angeles, 88% of about 68,555 teachers union members said schools should remain closed in the fall, according to a survey from the union.

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