Horse Racing Betfair Trading Strategy: Pre-Race & In-Running

Pre race trading guide pdf

Pre race trading guide pdf


Honestly in all of my trading/betting activities this has helped me the most. Removing the fog and retaining clear thinking throughout the day has been a huge factor in becoming a profitable trader.

Pre-Race Horse trading Guide

The beauty of in-race trading lies, ultimately, in the ability to make use of knowledge of certain conditions and scenarios against temporary odds fluctuations while the race is in-play.

Caan Berry’s Pre-Race Trading Guide –

If you can only understand one move a day, you should only trade one race a day. It 8767 s as simple as that. Don 8767 t over-trade, over-learn instead. It 8767 s cheaper to do, and sets you up for a much brighter future.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review 2020 - Worth Your Money

Sorry Tim that you didn 8767 t get what is in video I thought that picture expresses more than a thousand words and thanks for compliment lol you can watch second movie about someone who 8767 s called Peter Webb /watch?v=8bJLjuPt5sQ

Pre-Race Trading Guide For Betfiar | Caan Berry | Betfair

Imagine that we know that a horse runs well in the first half of a race, but in the last half its performance is wildly unpredictable.

Pre-Race Trading Guide

Hi the guy John above, i cant understand what hes going on aboutin the 7 videos either ive got Caans videos and have chatted with him in the past and can assure anyone he is definately not a fraudster but a genuine guy who only wants to share his vast knowledge of trading ..Your article above is probably the best ive read and is very informative and theres not much traders will give out strategies like you have thanks for that and good luck in the future

The information that I found particularly useful was in relation to how different races/time periods have different market environments.

Many will also have come across the useful YouTube advice from Caan. Rather importantly, he highlights that trading is a skill to be sharpened rather than a fixed betting system. This is reinforced throughout the trading guide as a number of variables involved within a horses price fluctuations are huge. Sometimes directly overlapping.

Ultimately this guide is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start trading the horse markets or for someone that is currently struggling with them.

By assuming that these two prices are indeed resistance and support points, we can make a profitable trade by backing the high price when it nears – say, at – and then laying when it approaches its support price, say at .


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