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Option auto selected

Option auto selected


select name="hall" id="hall" option 6 /option option 7 /option option selected 8 /option option 9 /option option 5 /option /select

How to set the default value for an HTML <select> element?

If you wanted to get the string Mr if the first option was selected (instead of just 6 ) you would do that in the following way:

How do I get the text value of a selected option? | jQuery

The options property of the select list is a node list of all the option elements contained within it. The selectedIndex property of the select list specifies the location of the selected option in the node list. The text property of an option is the content of the option element.

How to set the selected option of tag from the PHP

The problem with select is, it's sometimes disconnected with the state of what's currently rendered and unless something has changed in the option list, no change value is returned. This can be a problem when trying to select the first option from a list. The following code can get the first-option the first-time selected, but onchange="changeFontSize(this)" by its self would not. There are methods described above using a dummy option to force a user to make a change value to pickup the actual first value, such as starting the list with an empty value. Note: onclick would call the function twice, the following code does not, but solves the first-time problem.


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search Search jQuery Learning Center Beta Posted in: Using jQuery Core > Frequently Asked Questions How do I get the text value of a selected option? Select elements typically have two values that you want to access. First there&apos s the value to be sent to the server, which is easy:

The selected attribute allows you to set one of your option lines as the default. This is a good technique to speed up data entry if the majority of visitors are likely to select the same option.

select option value="" selected disabled hidden Choose here /option option value="6" One /option option value="7" Two /option option value="8" Three /option option value="9" Four /option option value="5" Five /option /select

I thought that adding a "value" attribute set on the select element below would cause the option containing my provided "value" to be selected by default:

You can use a for loop to iterate through the options of a select list to determine which is selected. A function can be defined to return a reference to the selected option or its value. The following returns a reference to the selected option:


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