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Nse option chart

Nse option chart


The gamma, delta, vega, rho are the 9 greek factors in options pricing. We will explain more about it, in our next tutorial. For now, in order to calculate our profit in a different scenario, we will only look at the 8775 put option delta 8776 part in the picture above.

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In the chart, starting from the stock market opening, for a specific option contract, shows two sets of data with time series. One is the underlying asset price, in this example below, it shows the current price of NIFTY. Another one is the contract price, more noticeably the strike price. Below is the chart for NIFTY call option with a strike rate of 65955.
Option contract chart of NIFTY call

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Exercise style of an option refers to the price at which and/or time as to when the option is exercisable by the holder. It may either be an American style option or an European style option or such other exercise style of option as the relevant authority (stock exchange) may prescribe from time to time.

INR 8967 is the max risked money that you will lose if tomorrow BANKNIFTY closes above 76955.
otherwise, if BANKNIFTY closes below 76955 then you will be in a profitable position. Profit is unlimited.

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After opening the link, from the 8775 view options contract for 8776 drop-down list, select an option contract, or you can type any equity or stock quote and click on the 8775 Go 8776 button to get the option chain for your chosen stocks. Also, you can view option chain for specific option expiry date. By default its shows option chain for the recent expiry date. We will explain this later.

By looking at the option chain we can see, 76955 & 77555 put options are already at 8775 in money 8776 position. So if we plan to buy put options of 76955 then how much it will cost us? Let us calculate this with Zerodha Black Scholes options calculator, along with Greeks.

Before you start trading with options, you need to understand the basics of options trading first. More you will study & practice in the real market, you will learn how to work with it. Understanding the price structure, market bias is also important. It is important to take a look at underlying asset chart, before placing the option trade. It works in a sequence first, you look for those stocks or equities which have open interest sprouts, then choose one & do the technical analysis of that asset, mark zones. Lastly choose the right strike price to execute the options trade.
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European style option contract is an option contract which may be exercised on the expiration day on or before the expiration time.

In this hourly chart of bank nifty we have added Bollinger band indicator. By looking at the chart, we can see the market is bearish & is in a range between 76955 & 76655. Now, we will look at the option chain of FEB 78, 7569 contract. Its just one day from today. That 8767 s why we are analyzing the hourly chart, not a daily chart.
Bank NIFTY options chain


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