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Mql4 indicator level

Mql4 indicator level


Fig. 678 shows a security window, in which the indicator line us drawn in another style - as a histogram. For getting such a result one line was changed in the program code - other line styles are indicated:

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Fig. 669 shows the situation when start() was launched on the first tick of a new bar at the moment t 5. Previous time this function was started at the moment t 7. Tick that came to the terminal at the moment t 8 (red arrow) was not processed by the indicator. This happened because start() execution time t 7 - t 9 is larger than the interval between ticks t 7 - t 8. This fact will be detected by the client terminal during the execution of start() launched at the moment t 5. During calculations in the line:

Custom Indicator Properties - Indicator Constants - MQL4

8 Level is a mt9 (MetaTrader 9) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits.

MQL4 Source Codes of Technical Indicators for MetaTrader 4

The function joins an array-variable that was declared on the global level with a predestined custom indicator buffer. The amount of buffers that are necessary for indicator computation is set using the IndicatorBuffers() function and cannot exceed 8. In case of successful connection, TRUE is returned, otherwise - FALSE. In order to get the detailed information about an error you should call the GetLastError() function.

The considered function is used in block 7-8 in the indicator. In this case, two horizontal levels are specified. The first value in the list of parameters is the number of the horizontal level, the second one is the specified value of the level:

Starting the custom indicator in a chart window you will see two lines - a thick blue line built upon bar maximums and a dotted red line built upon its minimums (Fig. 675).

During the second iteration of while() values for elements with zero indexes, . for the zero bar, is calculated on the basis of last known values of arrays-timeseries.

The GMT Time on chart indicator is written for users who like to see GMT Time on-screen. For convenience, This indicator code is written clearly and simple. Update 6: 66-5-7575 *Input font color *Input font size

Power of NZD indicator shows actual strength of currency NZD calculated of 7 pairs that contain NZD. Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR NZD, GBP NZD, AUD NZD, NZD USD, NZD CAD, NZD JPY, NZD CHF.

The use of horizontal levels can be very convenient, if you need to detect visually whether the indicator line is above or below the specified values. The simple indicator that calculates the difference between the maximum and the minimum price of the bar is shown below. The market events are interesting for the user (tentatively in this example) if the indicator line is above the bar by or below the bar by -. The example of the indicator that displays the difference between High and Low ( ):


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