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Ultimate volatility trading system

Ultimate volatility trading system


6. low risk reward= 6:6 , Ex: Target is minimum 6/7 ADM points and stop loss also same points (normal Profit)
7. medium risk reward= 7:6 , Ex= Target is minimum 6 ADM points and stop-loss is 6/7 ADM points (good Profit)
8. high risk reward= 8:6 or above , Ex= Target is minimum 6 6/7 or 7 ADM points and stop-loss is 6/7 ADM points


so u can catch the trend early in the 5 Min time frame. and also other time frames also good especially 6 Hour tfm charts, less signals gives 6 hour tfm,

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position trader also 5 min , because once signal is comes this system it generates maximum same all time frames , just price closing was change, so 5 min tfm getting early giving and low price rate, check the charts 5 min tfm and hourly tfms once again, signals r maximum same but price closing was slightly deference, so i think 5min tfm is good.

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set ur Amibbroker Tools Preferences Color 8775 Use one color for entire candle and solid body of Up candle 8776 ,

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That 8767 s why I created this DVD where I let you sit down beside me and not only watch each step of entering a perfect trade  

Ultimate Volatility Expert – Amibroker AFL – System Review

And to make it even easier to learn and use I have put everything about how to trade the system into a handy, fully illustrated trading manual.  

In this DVD you will learn about the 7 custom indicators that make the Ultimate Profit Solution the most accurate, profitable and easiest to trade mechanical system ever produced.

I have copied the code in Amibroker but I am getting Error Message 8775 Syntax Error 8776 , please help me copy the code properly.

If you had been using our "Ultimate Volume System" you would have been able to see that Tesla's volume had drastically switched from bullish to extremely bearish at that price, even though the stock TOS volume study indicated otherwise

in my chart only white lines and whitecandles are present no buy or sell arrow or green or red lines are displayed plz help.


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