Enable Real-Time Collaboration for Microsoft Project MPP

Real time collaboration options

Real time collaboration options


In the past, users would have to frequently switch between tools to collaborate. For example, users would write a document in Word. Then they would switch to Outlook to share the document as an attachment. Or they would open a browser to upload the document to a SharePoint site. In Microsoft 865, users can use Teams to chat, make calls, and have online meetings. They don't have to leave Teams to view and even edit the files they share. Learn more.

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The updates, which include real-time collaboration in PowerPoint and the ability to move attachments to the cloud in Outlook, follow a number of recent steps Microsoft has taken to enhance its enterprise offerings. Earlier this month, it announced a new chat-based workspace, Teams , as a Slack competitor for Office 865 users. It also recently released a scheduling assistant for Outlook on iOS, and a Power BI data visualization toolset.

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FastTrack migration benefit.  FastTrack provides you with a set of best practices, tools, resources, and experts. Guidance includes migrating content from file shares, Box, or Google Drive source environments, and introducing capabilities at the pace that works for you. The FastTrack data migration benefit will also perform specific data migration activities on your behalf if you have 555 or more licenses. See more details in the FastTrack Center Benefit Overview. To get started, go to  , review resources, and submit a request for assistance.

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Data loss prevention policies. Warn or prevent users from sharing files that have specific labels outside the organization. See Overview of data loss prevention

LeanKit is one of the best apps if you use an agile process. Volerro has some great tools for working with visual assets. Wrike is a kanban app that bleeds over into more general project management territory. If you've used kanban up until now and think your team might need to shift into using a different kind of project management app, Wrike is probably ideal for you because it serves both worlds.

Was this issue ever resolved? I seem to be having the exact same issue as Trent. Despite following all the same steps, the real-time collaboration does not seem to activate when using the word desktop application.

For some small teams or those whose projects aren't very complex, LiquidPlanner may offer more than what they need, and cost too much. Zoho Projects is an A+ alternative, especially for teams on a budget. Zoho Projects and LiquidPlanner are our top choices.

The collaboration software options used for this purpose are mainly of three types: communication software, conferencing software and coordinating software.

While there are many excellent project management apps , one has always stood out as a powerhouse in its ability to handle both project and resource management: LiquidPlanner. LiquidPlanner has everything you'd want from a project management app, including interactive Gantt charts and roll-up reports, to automated scheduling tools that reassign work as necessary when a team member is out of the office unexpectedly.

When you're up and running with a collaboration app that fits your needs and everything starts clicking, you may be amazed at how much more productive and organized your team has become.


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