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Livestock auction markets uk

Livestock auction markets uk


The Association is supported by representatives of the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland (IAAS) and by the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV). The Association is a member of the European Association of Livestock Markets (EALM) for Europe, which is based in Brussels near to the EU Commission offices.

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Livestock Live website is viewable on all mobile and tablet devices so buyers and sellers have live access on the move. We recomend that you download our LSL App, give you access to your mart accounts as well as a complete farm management software suite

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It is important to separate out the true uplift in retail demand caused by an increase in food and drink consumed at home rather than out of home, from the temporary uplift due to panic buying. The latter of which has been seen in other affected countries, and in their experience is short-lived. The former is likely to be a longer move until government advice to work from home is reversed.

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The recent government advice to stay at home and avoid public places will divert foodservice and on-the-go consumption back into the home, pushing up retail purchases. It is reported that this is already happening with a surge in retail purchases of liquid milk and minced beef for example, and a drop off in the use of coffee shops and restaurants.

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Finished sheep are normally sold in batches and the auction markets provide the age category, price, weight and farm assured information for every lot sold liveweight.

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Finished cattle are sold individually and auction markets provide the breed, sex category, date of birth, price, weight and farm assured information for each beast sold liveweight.

We can confirm that our Markets for all classes of Stock will continue as normal until further notice.
Although please note some changes: - With immediate effect it has been implemented a “Drop and Go” Policy for Vendors bringing Stock to market for Sale.

Please contact us regarding any breeding stock that you may have, we will continue to compile lists for when this period of uncertainty is over. However in the meantime please contact:

For dairy processors supplying foodservice markets , this could well mean an increase in milk diverted to spot markets. Against a backdrop of seasonally increasing milk supplies, revenues will be seriously reduced, and cash flows stretched.

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