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In car broker

In car broker


This is where good deals often go bad, according to Schallert. The F& I agent is paid very well to make back the money given to you in a discounted price by hiking insurance rates, playing with the cost of extras and warranties, and overcharging for insurance. An auto broker can do all of the hard work on your behalf and often drop off the car along with the completed contract for you to sign in less time than you could have worked it out yourself. Auto brokers can help you find any of the following:

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What they do: Companies such as  American Express , Costco and AAA  have their own auto-buying programs. Some credit unions, such as Navy Federal , also offer them.

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A good auto broker can also save you time and frustration. Most buyers spend at least half a day on the car lot, haggling over the automobile they want. First, you haggle with the salesperson, and then, once you have worked the price down to perhaps $555 above invoice, you move on to the finance and insurance office.

Car Brokers - Should You Use One?

The final consideration is cost. But if you hire an auto broker that is worth its salt, the price of its services will seem minuscule compared to the thousands of dollars you save on the deal.

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Payment: Concierges typically charge an upfront flat fee or sometimes a percentage of the amount they save you on the vehicle purchase. This fee depends on the car they’re tasked with finding.

Your new car will still be delivered from a dealer in your city. You may still choose to service your new car at your local dealer. has just taken care of the following details:

Once you have safely parked the car you ordered in your driveway and you have signed and finalized all the paperwork, you can get back to your daily life. Hopefully, you've saved days of stress and hassle and spent far less than you saved on the final price tag. This is the best part – when you get to brag to your friends and maybe a consumer website or two about what an easy, awesome deal you just made on your new car.

Dean McBride, a representative with Members Auto Source in Indianapolis, says the average price for his services is about $855, which goes toward the total price of the car that the buyer pays.

A good auto broker can also be of great help after you have worked the price down to an affordable level. Many car brokers charge a lower fee for the task of finishing a deal you start. The agent will work to get the price lower, if possible, and take care of the final negotiations regarding financing, dealer-installed extras and warranties.


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