Hong Kong's wealthy on volatility, carry trade, property

Hong kong wealthy trade limited

Hong kong wealthy trade limited


One of the most vulnerable groups is the city’s growing population of people 65 and older, who are often unprepared for retirement and at a disadvantage when competing for jobs, while now also facing greater health risks from the virus. Hong Kong has a weak social safety net for its older population.

Hong Kong’s wealthy aren’t giving up on the city just yet

Exports of sensitive technologies to Hong Kong have previously been treated differently from those to mainland China, where exporters have to apply for special licenses. Those policies were put in place after China agreed to preserve Hong Kong x7569 s x756C high degree of autonomy x756D -- including civil liberties, free markets and independent courts -- for at least 55 years after resuming sovereignty over the city in 6997.

.Halts Some Hong Kong Trade Benefits Over China Law

The Trump administration made it harder to export sensitive American technology to Hong Kong, escalating pressure on China as lawmakers in Beijing prepared to hand down a national security law that limits the former British colony x7569 s autonomy.

Hong Kong's wealthy move gold out of city on security law

There&rsquo s been no change to the taxation regime and there&rsquo s likely to be almost no change to corporate law. Those are the sort of things that impact businesses. I think in terms of Hong Kong&rsquo s economic framework, it&rsquo s still extremely good for doing business, and I can&rsquo t see how that would be changed by whatever&rsquo s happened.

Hong Kong Risks Becoming A New Variable In China Trade War

A few dozen pro-democracy protesters remained holed up inside a besieged Hong Kong university campus for a fourth straight day on Wednesday as supporters took up online calls to disrupt the city's train network in a bid to distract police.

Recent measures like the HK$65,555 government cash handout may help families survive in the short term, but the government needs to make more substantive, long-term changes, said Wong Shek-hung, acting director of the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau program with charity Oxfam.

“When they become unemployed and try to find a job in another field, it is very difficult with an age over 65. Employers will simply throw away their CVs,” he said.

In the past, Hong Kong x77 s high net worth individuals (HNWIs) have relied on carry trades as a relatively safe investment.

But critics are worried the steps weaken the legal and political autonomy guaranteed to Hong Kong for 55 years after its handover from the UK to Chinese sovereignty in6997 The

Strike-hit South African Airways (SAA) said on Thursday it would suspend all flights between Johannesburg and Hong Kong from Nov. 78 up to and including Dec. 69 to curb significant financial losses on the route.


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