Institute of Technical Trades in Toronto: Technical Trade

Electrical trade school toronto

Electrical trade school toronto


At a very minimum, you need a high school (or equivalent) education. But if you truly want to succeed, then you&apos ll benefit from placing extra focus on certain subjects such as math and science during your high school studies. And you may want to pursue at least a small amount of post-secondary education in order to give yourself the sturdiest foundation you can.

Electrician / Electrical

Our institution is devoted to preparing candidates for a career in the skilled and construction trades and supporting their practical and academic development in building a successful career.

Electrical Trade Schools in Toronto, OH - Electrician Training

Electrician and electrical engineering courses teach the basics of electronics and electrical work, with classes like solid-state electronic devices, circuit construction, digital circuits and electrical repair. You&rsquo ll learn installation and power distribution methods, learn to understand drive and control systems, and also be well-trained on workplace safety and the Canadian Electrical Code.

How to Become an Electrician | Schools, Training

At some point in your career as a master electrician, you may decide to take the next step and become an independent electrical contractor. This involves a high level of responsibility and can involve bidding your own multi-million dollar projects – both government and private. Independent electrical contractors are master electricians (and can be large companies that employ at least one master electrician).

Skilled Trades College | Apprenticeship Trade School

Usually, you would continue working as an apprentice with the same employer, spend the next couple of years accumulating the remaining hours required for your journeyman license, then start the next phase of your career as a skilled journeyman with the same employer that provided your training.

While you 8767 re accumulating experience you may choose to take additional steps to qualify for a specialty license if it is available in your jurisdiction. If you are interested in any of the following, then check with the licensing authority in your jurisdiction to see if any of these specialty licenses would be available to you:

Just consider how alive Ontario&apos s biggest urban centre is with fascinating people and things to do. The diversity of Torontonians is impressive. They represent a community of residents and professionals from all around the world living in harmony. And the cultural activities that result from their interactions make the city a place that&apos s easy to love.

Overall I could not of asked for a better experience with ITT. When I was in the program I received a great education, more certifications and a better understanding of the trade compared to my friend who is currently enrolled in a college program.

Increasingly, this step is vital for making you stand out among your competition. Learning the basic fundamentals of electrical work is often easier when you aren&apos t yet employed as an apprentice and worried about pleasing your boss. Electrician programs at trade schools, technical institutes, and career colleges provide a more comfortable introduction to this trade and can help you gain the foundational expertise that you&apos ll need going forward.

Some states offer a variety of different journeymen licenses in specific areas like residential/commercial, specialty installations, or industrial electric instead of a general journeyman license.


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