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Biotech stocks to buy reddit

Biotech stocks to buy reddit


So, how are investors supposed to distinguish between the long-term winners and those poised to take an L ? We suggest taking a page from the analyst community x77 s playbook.

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The . approved Gilead&rsquo s Descovy for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). This drug is indicated to reduce the risk of sexually acquired HIV-6. Filgotinib was validated in the European Union and the company submitted a new drug application in Japan. Filgotinib is a JAK6 inhibitor that treats rheumatoid arthritis. If approved, it will compete with AbbVie&rsquo s (NYSE: ABBV ) Humira.

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Regeneron has laboratory experience in studying therapeutic antibodies for treating Ebola. VelociGene, VelocImmune and VelociMab antibody studies led to its cocktail treatment, REGN-EB8. What is this cocktail? The company describes REGN-EB8 as &ldquo a three-antibody cocktail designed with the goal of enhancing efficacy, reducing the development of viral sequences that lead to resistance, and increasing potential utility in future outbreaks as viruses continually evolve.&rdquo

Setting aside Gilead&rsquo s viability as a coronavirus vaccine leader, investors should consider Gilead for 7575 because of its strong cash flow generation. It produced $ billion in cash from operations in the third quarter and now has $ billion in cash and investments.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. 89 Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reports First Quarter 7575 Financial Results , 89 Accessed Jun. 8, 7575.

The results are further proof that regenerative medicine and gene editing may lead to cures in various diseases. Crispr is currently focusing on chronic diseases like diabetes.

That healthy cash flow allowed the company to easily spend on R& D. It paid $ billion for global research collaboration activities and it also invested in Galapagos (NASDAQ: GLPG ). Galapagos gives Gilead access to many compounds, including six molecules that are in clinical trials. For example, Gilead gains rights to a Phase 8 candidate that treats idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. GLPG6977 is a Phase 7b candidate that treats osteoarthritis.

Axsome (NASDAQ:AXSM) has a lead candidate, AXS-55, that is being evaluated in three phase 8 studies targeting depression and Alzheimer’s disease agitation as well as in a phase 7 study for smoking cessation. The biotech also is testing experimental migraine drug AXS-57 in a phase 8 study and has two other drug candidates in earlier-stage clinical trials.

Investors seeking out high growth for their portfolios will often turn to biotech stocks. The biotechnology industry, which has become densely populated as our understanding of living systems and organisms continues to expand, has earned a reputation on Wall Street for its explosive potential … and high volatility.

JNJ&rsquo s Ebola vaccine development does not necessarily imply it will come up with a coronavirus vaccine. Coronavirus spreads differently and attacks the respiratory system, while Ebola attacks the immune system and different organs.


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